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Called on the currency name "Forex" and the Stock Exchange FOREX stands for Foreign Exchange word which is the largest stock exchange in the world at all! Larger than the size of all stock exchanges in the world several times! It is "the place" who are buying and selling major international currencies, but there is no specific place to exchange currency! For example, the New York Stock Exchange or Tokyo, which have a specific place in these two cities, the stock exchange does not have a central place specific ... but are traded by the connection between the banks and financial institutions and brokerage firms networks around the world, each buy and sell currencies to calculate customers who may be governments, companies or individuals. And of course when you want to work in the stock exchange, you are not only dealing with a single point of which is the brokerage firm which will Stakhtarha are buying and selling currencies to your account from anywhere in the world. All you care about is that when you ask the brokerage firm you are dealing with that you buy a currency will perform your request at a price that you specify when brokerage firm order that sells you a currency will perform your request at a price that you specify you will not deal only with one hand and is that Stervtk the whole world. And thus the horizons between the sale and purchase is a gain and who will get it


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